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Jobless in Philly Nocturne No. II

jobsearchnewspaperThe New Jersey Collegiate Career Day is being held May 28  at Rutgers University. The event will run from 9:30a.m.-3:30p.m. in the Brower Commons and Rutgers Student Center.

Sponsored by the school’s career services, the career day is touted as “the largest college job fair in the state” on the event’s Web site. The event will host 150 employers offering full-time jobs and internships in liberal arts, business, science and technical fields. Sorry education and communication majors, you’re out of luck on this one.

Attendees are encouraged to dress as you would for an interview and brings plenty of portfolio samples and resumes, as well as pens to sign up for employer mailing lists. An additional hint: shut off your cell phone while you’re walking through the stands and speaking with employers. Your potential future boss doesn’t want to be interrupted by a phone call during the first meeting.

Hey, it’s worth a shot. For more details check out Rutgers’s career services Web site at http://careerservices.rutgers.edu/.

Or, you know, you could try out to be a Ringling Bros. clown here.

Happy hunting.



Liz Wagner


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Jobless in Philly?

Never fear. We’ve been perusing Craigslist and snooping around Philly job listings, and we found a couple for starving college students.

Living near campus? – Athletics is looking for workers for its phone-a-thon. Check out the listing on the portal for details, or contact Phil Telan at teanp1@lasalle.edu for more info.

If you aren’t on campus, keep your chin up. There are still plenty of job opportunities out there.

Be a babysitter!Some of you out there may like taking care of drooling tykes. Here you go:

Or a camp counselor – Less drool, more teaching and playing sports. Though most of these are only for a few weeks at a shot, it’s a solid way to earn some summer cash.

Nonprofits your thing? – Like saving the environment and talking to strangers? Though these are generally canvassing jobs, kind where you have to walk around with a clipboard and coerce people into giving you money, they are for good causes and offer monetary compensation. Commission jobs may be daunting, but at least you’ll be out of the house and (potentially) getting paid.

Food Services – Whether is be as a server, baker or bartender, tons of restaurants and diners are looking for summer help. Though some require specific work experience, if you sift through these you will find plenty you could try out.

Like to Write? – These job offers seem a little sketchy, but some may be worth checking out. A lot are unpaid, but scattered about are some freelance jobs for kids in the area. http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/search/wri?query=freelance

But beware! Some of these marketing jobs you can find on job Web sites are those miserable pyramid scams or other underhanded businesses (see Pure Marketing, 3W, Titan Marketing, etc.). Do some research before you sign on. The following Web site offers a list of underhanded business schemes and testimonials from employees who got out. http://www.ripoffreport.com/

Good hunting, all.

Liz Wagner

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Welcome Back – Go Volunteer and Plant Some Flowers

Welcome back, readers! As the semester starts up we will be getting back to posting on here regularly. Get excited!

And why not start off the new semester with some green community service? The following volunteer opportunity was sent from Leo Cooper, the president of The Community Garden Club of the Awbury Arboretum:


Do you need services hours or do you like gardening?

The Community Garden Club of the Awbury Arboretum is looking for volunteers for our community garden projects.  We are located on the grounds of the Awbury Arboretum in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia.  The garden entrance is on Ardleigh and Duval Sts. near Washington Ln.  We are two blocks from the “L” bus stop at Washington Ln. and across the street from the Washington Ln. train stop.  If you are interested, please contact me, Leo Cooper-President- The Community Garden Club of the Awbury Arboretum- at LeoatAwbury@hotmail.com

To check out what this organization is, check out their Web site at http://www.awbury.org/. Fight that winter chill with some green power.

Liz Wagner

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