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Delta Phi Epsilon Founders Day



Congratulations to Delta Phi Epsilon sorority for the anniversary of their Founders Day March 17.

Delta Phi Epsilon was founded March 17, 1917 at New York University Law School. In its 92 years, Delta Phi Epsilon has adopted and worked with the philanthropies ANAD (Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders), Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation, donating millions of dollars to the organizations.

There are currently 71 active chapters of Delta Phi Epsilon, including the Epsilon Zeta chapter at La Salle University, chartered in 1986.

The Epsilon Zeta chapter will be honoring their founding with a celebration dinner March 22.

—Lauren McGlone


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Ice Cream Social



Delta Phi Epsilon will be co-hosting the 4th annual “Ice Cream and Steps” event with Phi Beta Sigma March 26 at 9:30 p.m. in Backstage.

Join the organizations for a night of stepping, dancing, entertainment and ice cream!

—Lauren McGlone

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Fewer Sections Offered in 2009-10

In a move that may create difficulties for students, the administration at La Salle has decided to make a number of changes in class schedules during the 2009-2010 academic year.

Responding to budgetary problems during the ongoing recession, the number of course sections offered by each department will be curtailed, the class size caps for many sections will be increased, and more classes will be scheduled outside of so-called ‘prime-time’ slots.

As the school’s budget woes have grown, it has sought to reduce payroll costs by eliminating adjunct professors and replacing them with full-time faculty. Since many basic courses, those assigned a number at the 100 level, have been taught by adjuncts, those classes will be assumed by full-time professors. This shift has resulted in a reduction in the number of higher-level courses offered.

Caps on class sizes have been raised to account for the smaller number of sections being offered in both basic and upper-level courses. Caps vary by class, and some have been increased nearly 50 percent. The number of sections cut in each department varies also, with estimates ranging from 15 to 20 percent.

The measures represent a greater degree of intervention by the Provost’s Office than in previous years. In the past, department chairs have drafted schedules and submitted them to the provost for approval, but this year the provost has determined when courses will be scheduled and placed restrictions on how many courses above the 100 level will be offered.

In particular, the provost has required that more classes be offered at 8 a.m. and after 3:00 p.m. in an effort to prevent schedule conflicts between important courses. In the past, some students have been forced to choose between required courses scheduled to meet simultaneously.

At the same time, the changes may prove to be a hardship on some students. The upper-level courses that will see the sharpest reduction in sections offered include required courses for all majors. With these restrictions, departments will be hard-pressed to offer those required courses often enough, with potentially dire consequences for students.

“Quite frankly, I’m worried if this is the wrong decision, we may have some people not being able to graduate,” said Kevin Harty, chair of the English Department.

He expressed his concerns about conflicts students might face, even with the courses spread out farther across the day. He pointed out that required courses may still conflict with equally important commitments in other departments.

Michael R. Dillon, chair of the Political Science Department, was more optimistic but also foresaw some difficulties.

“My sense is that everyone is trying to accomplish something that is best for the students,” he said. “What the ripple effects may be, I don’t know.”

—Joseph Gauger


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D Phi E Suspended

Usually when a fraternity or sorority is suspended, a little rumor spreads before hand. However, an announcement just reached my inbox that caught me off guard.

Sorority Delta Phi Epsilon (D Phi E) was placed on interim suspension, according to an e-mail distributed this afternoon by Mark Badstubner.

“An accusation of violation of University policies has been made against Delta Phi Epsilon.  University disciplinary processes have been initiated against Delta Phi Epsilon, and the interim suspension will remain in place pending the adjudication of these charges.”

We’ll see what we can include for this week’s Collegian, but I’m sure more is to come.

—Sam Fran Scavuzzo

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A Word on Anna Melnyk Allen

Anna Melnyk Allen, associate dean of students, will take over as interim dean of students Feb. 19. Allen began at La Salle as an undergrad, class of 1980, before starting in the admission’s office at La Salle that same year. She earned her masters in professional communication at La Salle as well in 2002. In 2000 she took the position of assistant dean of students. For a full profile on Allen, check out this week’s issue of the Collegian.
—Olivia Biagi

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Animosity Pierre Finally Lost It

OK, so I know we’ve posted on Animosity Pierre before, but until it stops doing awesome — or more specifically — noteworthy stuff, our hands are tied. This time the sketch comedy troupe, compromised of La Salle alums Dave Terruso and Matt Lalley, has made national — that’s right national — news.

TIME Magazine featured a video the group made about ABC-drama Lost. Fucking TIME Magazine! You know, like the magazine that names the people of the year and stuff. Terusso told me they’ve gotten more than 100,000 hits — good stuff.

—Sam Fran Scavuzzo

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Suspension Lifted

As in an e-mail from Pete Lafferty:

FIJI Resolution:

“As of February 2, 2009, FIJI has resolved the disciplinary charges against them and the interim suspension of their organization has been lifted.  FIJI are now able to fully participate in the University community.”
—Mark A. Badstubner Director of Community Standards and Support Advisor – La Salle University

More to come in either print or post.

—Sam Fran Scavuzzo

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