Not Your Typical Flea Market

Just wanted to report on a cool event that happened in Philly over the weekend. The Punk Rock Flea Market was at the Electric Factory Sunday. Wish I could have reported on it sooner, but my attendance was a little last minute. The venue was packed with vendors selling everything and anything imaginable, not just items for the ‘punk’ minded.

The event happens twice a year and is a huge fundraiser for R5 Productions, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) production companies in Philadelphia, bringing all ages shows to the First Unitarian Church. So while today’s event is in the past, be on the look out for the next one (probably sometime in the summer). Vendors today were selling t-shirts, records, jewelry, books, bike parts, cup cake shaped items (yum!) and more, most of the time at awesome, reasonable prices. If you didn’t like the price, some vendors were willing to haggle as well. Definitely an event to keep in mind if you’re in town for it.

Kathryn “Kaitty” Bergin


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